Global Tobac Co. Ltd

"Global Tobac Сo. Ltd."

is an international company,

which produces high-quality

innovative product.

  • Our brands sold in more than 20 countries.

  • Modern approach to cigarette producing and packing

  • Wide range of products

  • Supplies of raw materials, packaging materials and machinery for the tobacco industry

Leaf grading

When tobacco enters the factory, its quality is first checked, after it the process of preparation and mixing with other ingredients begins, depending on the recipes of the produced brands.

When creating our brands, we use tobacco from world leading suppliers.



We supply different types of tobacco from the producers from USA, Brazil, Argentina, Zimbabwe etc.

Send a request about the tobacco you are interested in and we will provide all the necessary information.

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Virginia tobacco

Virginia tobacco is named after the US state where it was first cultivated. It is also called “bright tobacco” because of its yellow to orange leaves color, achieved during the heat dehydration. It grows particularly well in subtropical regions with light rainfall, such as Georgia (USA), Southern Brazil and Zimbabwe

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Burley tobacco

Air-cured Burley is slightly different from Virginia because of green leaves. However after being dried in the shadow, Burley turns brown with almost no sugar left. It needs heavy soils and more fertilizers than Virginia. The best Burley is grown in the USA, Central America, Malawi and Uganda.

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Oriental tobacco

Oriental tobacco is different in the small size of the leaves that makes picking labor intensive. It grows under conditions of hot summer in the Balkans, the Middle East and Turkey. Such climatic environment and high density of planting give this tobacco particular flavor that strengthens while sun drying. It is also commonly known as “Turkish” tobacco.

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Tobacco Machinery

The experience of cooperation with leading manufacturers

and suppliers of equipment in the tobacco industry allows us

to provide the most profitable offer for your production.

Main categories:

  • Cigarette making machine
  • Packing equipment
  • Tobacco processing machine
  • Accessories, tools and machines
  • Other equipment (on request)
  • Technical support, installation, service.

The equipment is manufactured in accordance with international quality standards and is equipped with the latest technology for maximum production efficiency with minimal time and resources.